Meet Karissa D.

Karissa is inspired by helping guide women to find their inner power and thrive in all situations. After embarking in coaching with Antoinette, she rewired her life and set out to help empower others to become their best self by becoming a coach herself—proving that you can transform your life through growth and inner work. 

As a wife and mom, Karissa knows just how easy it is to lose yourself while caring for others, and she brings lessons in from her own life and her training to lead her clients toward the clarity and confidence they need and deserve. Outside of coaching, Karissa has been teaching dance for the last 14 years and is embarking on a yoga teacher certification. She is also proud to be a certified Social Emotion Learning Facilitator through Breathe for Change.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she graduated with a BA in Dance and a minor in entrepreneurship and psychology. Karissa retired her dance shoes after having her daughter, Ruby, and started teaching for Portland Public Schools. She now resides in Portland with her husband, daughter, three dogs, and chicken. 

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"Self-care and self-love are selfish… But what exactly does that mean? First, let's talk about the word "selfish." Selfish is an adjective: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's profit or pleasure. 

What Lights Karissa Up?

Happy Place: The beach

Mantra on Repeat: I trust my authentic self

Fav Way to Serve: Teaching meditation

Go-To Self-Care Activity: Digital detoxing in nature

Signature Pump-up Song: The Bones by Maren Morris

Proudest Moment: Becoming a mother



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